6 Best Shapewear Pieces This Summer

Summer has come and we are all desperately looking for the best shape for the imminent arrival of the dreaded bikini season. Gyms closed due to Covid-19 have not helped us this spring to catch up with the past years, the lockdown has not allowed us to jog at the park, and let's face it, the at-home workouts have not been completely constant and functional as we expected. So here we are to regret the past years, when we were able to show off our favorite clothes in our best shape every evening, without always being afraid that our dress could not fit in or without feeling like pulling down the stitching in trying to fit in it... and we didn’t have to call the seamstress for this mess!

So, is it possible to wear shapewear in order not to have problems with our favorite outfits even in summer? What is the best shapewear for you? This article will be a small summer guide to shapewear, where I will show you the characteristics that cannot be missing in shapewear in the first part and where I will suggest you the best 6 to wear in the second one.

How has shapewear to wear in the summer to be?

1) The first fundamental characteristic of our shapewear is that it must be breathable, thus allowing our body not to swim into an endless wave of sweat and giving us the unpleasant underarms smell. So let’s say yes to products made with fresh materials and in lace. Let’s say a hard no to shoddy materials and that does not let our body breathe!

2) Invisible is the other keyword. it is a bit difficult to wear a total body shape during summer, simply because of the fact that we tend to undress more and our clothes and outfits leave our arms and part of our legs bare. Assuming that our outfits are not made of long pants, therefore, it is better to wear products that only cover the parts shielded by our clothes.

3) Let’s give special attention to the crotch and breast area. Let’s choose products with an opening in the crotch and that not cause the trouble of getting undressed every time we have to go to the bathroom, as well as products that do not cover the parts of our breast so we can always feel a sense of freshness at every hour of the day!

So what are the best products?

Here is a quick listing with the best six shapewear that you can find online on Loverbeauty, identified for each type of feature, which I divided into two categories as you can see: the sexiest and the perfect ones for every type of occasion!

The sexiest ones

Slim Elastic Black Lace Patchwork Bodysuit


Adjustable Straps Slimming V-neck Vintage Bodysuit Sexy Lace Stretch Mesh Modeling Shapewear

The perfect ones for every type of occasion

Waist Control Shapewear Anti-Curling Tight Fit Bodysuit


Adjustable Crotch Butt Lifting Shapewear

Plus Size Adjustable Straps Full Body Shaper

Flatten Tummy Bodysuit Shapewear

In addition to what has been said, here is a little advice: if our gyms are reopening after the lockdown period and we want to get excellent results in a short time to make up for lost time, let's take a look at the best waist trainers for women. We won't regret using them!


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