Fashion Tips for Girls to Hide a Muffin Top

The body comes in different shapes and types, and no matter what body shape you have, you’ll never miss out on a muffin top. If you feel conscious about it, then it means that you should be doing something to eliminate or hide it! There are plenty of fashion tips and styles that you can use to control stubborn belly fats all the time. In doing so, you should be wise and knowledgeable about how to do it, or else you will end up making it look bigger than it should be!

We have picked some of the best fashion tricks that you can use as the best alternative or option to eradicate those unwanted muffin tops! It may look simple, but it is a 100% guarantee to work magic.

1. Try High-Waist Pants with High-Waist Shapewear

High-wasted pants are the perfect match for an hourglass shape body, but how about those who haven’t? If you have unwanted belly fat and muffin tops that you want to hide, you can take advantage of high-waist panties that work just like any regular underwear, but with the added benefit of cinching your waist and giving you’re a curvier figure.

You can tuck in your shirt or blouse under your high-waist pants to give the illusion of a sexier waist. It is a big NO to wear low-rise pants when trying to hide your muffin top since it`ll further accentuate it rather than hiding it.  

Loverbeauty 2 in 1 Sweaty High Waist Adjustable Thigh Trimmer


2. Use a Body Shaper that Enhances the Bust and Wear a Cardigan

Did you remember the last time you hid from your mom using your blanket as a naughty gesture when you were a kid? The same principles are applied if you want to hide your muffin top in a cardigan. Since a light cardigan can help conceal your side fats or bulges, you can wear shapewear like Loverbeauty`s adjustable body shorts that emphasize your bust and cinches your waist for a curvier and sexier look. If you wear a loose top underneath your cardigan, there`s a possibility to hide your love handles with the disadvantage of looking frumpy.

Loverbeauty Adjustable Crotch Hooks Tight Bodyshort Shapewear


3. Wear a Jacket with a Full Bodysuit

Why is it essential to wear a jacket on top to hide unwanted belly fats? The answer is simple, and it`s because of the added structure your jacket will bring on your blouse. It will help disguise your muffin top, making it look you have none of those love handles in the first place! The longer your coat is, the leaner you will look.

It`s also essential to wear a top or underclothing that`ll help remove your side fat bulges. You can get a full bodysuit as your top and add a blazer for a business casual look.

Loverbeauty Full Body Shaper Tummy Control Bodysuit


4. Make the Most Out of Your Favorite Body Shaper

Loverbeauty Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control


It is indeed, never a doubt, the best way to address and eliminate your unwanted belly fats. Having shapewear tops that can reduce inches on your waist will help you look slimmer and sexier while wearing your dress or tight-fitting clothes. Find a seamless design that looks almost invisible from the inside, allowing people to realize and think how hard you’ve worked out to gain that hourglass body figure!

We understand how tough it is for you to avoid that muffin top or unwanted belly fat! How frustrating to start with your fashion style when there is a roadblock along the way. That is the reason we have created this blog to let you know how you avoid and eventually eliminate them in the process. You may also want to work out, do your proper balanced diet, and have an excellent posture to weave your freedom over those stubborn and wiggling fats successfully!

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