Make Buttocks Bigger Without Exercises: Definitive Guides

Make Buttocks Bigger Without Exercises: Definitive Guides

This is the ultimate guide to Make Buttocks Bigger Without Exercises.

So if you want:

Firm buttocks

Round buttocks

Lift buttocks

Make buttocks bigger

Then you'll love the actionable butt bigger tips in this guide.

Let's dive right in.


Choosing the Right Clothes Make Your Bum Look Bigger

(1)Wear clothes can draw attention to your hips and buttocks

Wear clothes can draw attention to your hips and buttocks

Choose pants, skirts, or dresses that have details on the backside or eye-catching pattern on bottom. By this way, you can create the illusion of a larger bum in only a few minutes. Some good tips include:

Contrasting colors like brightly colored bottom with a darker top, or draw attention prints.

Items that include a decoration such as beading, sequins, or other details on the booty.

Bottoms are ruffled or ruched around the back and hips.


(2)Determine your waist

Determine your waist

Choosing clothing which makes your waist seem to be smaller will make your hips and rear look large. Try wearing a form-fitting dress, skirt, or top to emphasize or wear a belt in the middle.


(3)Wear shapewear lift your butt

Wear shapewear lift your butt

You can wear shapewear and shaping underwear under clothing to smooth out your thighs and midsection and create an hourglass figure. Body shape tights and shorts may also help. You can mix and match foundation garment to emphasize - or de-emphasize - different parts of your body.

Purchase shapewear designed to flatten your tummy while lifting and separating your butt cheeks, giving your butt a larger, perkier appearance.

Do not choose shaping undergarment in a smaller size. Not only will you have trouble to suitable for it, but too-tight shapewear can lead to health problems.


Getting Treatments for Lifting Booty

(1)Go to massage

Go to Massage

A fierce lymphatic massage to shape your bum, combined with a varec wrap to smooth cellulite and water reservation, will make your butt look awesome. Or you can ask for Lipo massage, which is a massage tool with rollers designed to make your booty look sleeker.

Note: This will not directly influence the size of your buttock. Your butt will not get miraculous bigger overnight.


(2)Butt enhance cream

Butt Enhance Cream

Cream like FDA approved Glutiplus claim that they can appreciably expand the rear size. Keep in mind; it's just a claim.

Again, the real thing that can affect buttock size is a workout and weight loss or obtain. Though some people claim that the creams work, know that there is no science behind it.


(3)Surgical operation

Surgical Operation

If your buttock is desperately flat or bony, then you can choose plastic surgical operation. For example:

Liposuction of fat: A doctor performs liposuction of fat from the hips, tummy and thighs, then injects the fat into your buttock while you're under a local anaesthetic.

Silicone buttock implants: A doctor will put silicone into under your rear muscles. These can be painful, and the surgery will carry an infection risk.

These are extreme, expensive, permanent solutions. Think seriously and hard before you go about doing something foreign to your body.


(4)Lift Buttocks with Tape (DIY Butt Lifter)

Lift Buttocks with Tape

Maybe you heard "homemade bum lifter", shortened to "DIY butt lifter", refers to an attempt to use common household materials, usually tape, to emphasize the bottom and encourage it to stick out further. This is a simple and popular method for lifting buttock. The most popular one uses one simple household item which pretty much everybody owns: duct tape.

It is simply to wrap large bands of duct tape around the tops of your thighs just below the curve of the bottom. This supposedly "lifts" the butt by pushing fat upwards from your thighs into your butt. It also pulls your legs in and makes them look smaller and your bottom bigger by comparison.

Note: Duct tape adhered directly to the skin is also highly dangerous. When you remove it, it is likely that hair or even patches of skin will be removed as well.


Changing Your Diet for Butt-Enhancing

(1)Focus on high protein consumption

Focus on high protein consumption

Proteins are necessary for muscle growth and development, so it is important to eat the right kind of proteins. Protein, in combination with correct exercise, will result in a definite increase in buttock size.

Healthy sources of protein include beans, eggs, skinless chicken breasts, salmon, tuna, cottage cheese, turkey, lean beef, and soy nuts. Choose lean and unprocessed meat and try baking fish.


(2)Choose the healthy type of carbohydrates and fats

Choose the healthy type of carbohydrates and fats

Many diets cut out carbs and fats that no remove foods from your diet and more about instead of them with healthier way. Avoid overdose calories and poor food choices by staying away from processed carbs such as chips and hamburgers.

Healthy carbohydrates include whole grain bread, quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice, steel cut oats.

Sources of healthy fats that can help to lose weight and tone your buttock are extra virgin olive oil, fish oils, almond butter, and nuts oil.


(3)Increase daily calorie intake by your body type

Increase daily calorie intake by your body type

More padding in that area will indeed help you to get a bigger buttock. If you store fat elsewhere, like around your waist and tummy, then you'll end up putting fat in the wrong body area.

If you store fat in your arms, midsection, and legs, cutting calories and losing weight will help your buttock look bigger by contrast. It's hard to target areas completely, but a calorie-restrictive diet may be necessary.


(4)Essential vegetables

Essential vegetables

Vegetables are often a ignore section of a muscle building dietary. By adding vegetables to the diet, you will find your energy levels are more consistent, and therefore you’re able to get a stronger exercise by not facing tiredness.

Also, consider that vegetables are essential in helping digestion of other precious nutrients and minerals. High absorption of compounds like amino acids that will enhance gluteus muscle.


(5)Select the right supplements

Select the right supplements

Multivitamins can add an extra dose of energy to aid you to exercise while protein bars can help in muscle progress. Collagen supplements make your skin and muscles look great. Always consult a healthcare professional advice before adding supplements to your dietary as their maybe passive side effects depending on your body chemistry.



Don't wear clothing that is too tight. It is this uncomfortable, and it can flatten rather than accentuate your buttock.

Surgical procedures should be the final way. Try to achieve your target through diet and exercise before you take extreme measures.

Never attempt surgery at home.

Study healthy nutrition for aid in achieving your goals. Avoid unproven supplements.

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