Types of Shapewear that Should be Part of Your Wardrobe

Shapewear is a type of undergarment that can alter the shape of the body temporarily. Using it for prolonged periods can slowly cause some changes in the shape of the body. It must be mentioned here that it is important to choose shapewear carefully. The following are some of the different types of shapewear that can be used by women.

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Body briefs for the waist

The comfort is the first and the most important aspect that needs to be kept in mind while choosing shapewear. An example of a body brief is a high waist shapewear panty.  These have high compression panels that can smoothen out the lower abdomen. In addition to this, these are also quite comfortable.

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Open Crotch Full Body Shaper

This kind of body shaper is designed so that they can go up to the thighs. The garment is generally used to prevent bulging of the thighs. Thus it helps to improve the overall beauty of the body. In addition to this, it also helps to make the person look much slimmer. It comes in a variety of sizes and depends on the shape of the lady. It also helps to give a smooth appearance to the thigh. The comfort level of the person must be kept in mind while buying the product.

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Tummy tucker shapewear

A tummy tucker is a garment that can hide the excess amount of belly fat.  It mainly stretches to below the abdomen area and thus helps to hide the fat in this area. Thus it helps a person to look slimmer than before. Wearing this type of shapewear over a prolonged period also helps to slowly change the body shape. Thus it is also useful for those people who want to permanently become slimmer. An example of such a body shaper is tummy tucker shapewear.

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Camisoles for the tummy

A camisole is again shapewear for the tummy. It helps to flatten the tummy and give it a proper shape. It contains straps that can be used to adjust the garment. With the help of these straps the garments can be adjusted so that it stretches from the torso to the abdomen. The garment helps to hide the belly fat and thus it makes the wearer much slimmer. Thus it makes the wearer look more beautiful and much more fashionable.



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