Shapewear for Body Shape Types

How to Shop the Right Shapewear for Your Body Shape Types

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Shapewear for Body Shape Types

There is a myriad of shapewear with numerous designs that cater to different parts of the body. How do you decide which will work best for your body and your wardrobe? And understanding your body shape is the first and the most important step in finding out what type of shapewear you need to complement your body. The Shop Right Shapewear for Your Body Type Guide helps you identify your body shape and type, offers suggestions on how to flatter your shape and find pieces that best body slimmer a particular shape.


How to Determine Your Body Shape Type

Nearly every woman has problem areas she would like to cover, as well as positive features she would like to show off. However, our bodies have a specific structure that can largely be broken down into four basic shapes: Apple, Pear, Rectangle and Hourglass. Each shape has a certain set of characteristics that differentiate it from the other. Body shape is not the same as body size. Body size is an individual’s body measurement. So whether someone who is a size 2 or no 12 can be an apple.

To ascertain a basic understanding of your body type:

Measure your bust at the fullest part
Measure your hips at the fullest part (often the groin or upper thighs)
Measure your waist at the narrowest point
Female Body Shape Types
  • If you have a big bust, fullness around the middle, less defined waist, narrow hips, you are an apple. The ratio of bust:waist: hips is 4:4:3.
  • If your hips are your widest measurement by more than two inches, you are a pear. The ratio of bust:waist: hips is 3:2:4.
  • if you haven't a very defined waist, ie, neither hip nor bust measurement is more than 8 inches greater than the waist measurement, you are a rectangle, also be called the banana or "ruler" shape. The ratio of bust:waist: hips is 3:3:3.
  • If your bust and your hips are roughly the same size (within two inches), and your waist is at least 8-10 inches smaller you are an hourglass or "8 frame" shape. The ratio of bust:waist: hips is 4:2:4.


Shop by your body shape

Balanced top to bottom ratio. Curves are evenly distributed where bust and hips are about the same size. Usually full bust, narrower defined waist, full rear & hips. Shapewear for you depends on where you need or want smoothing.

Apple Shape

If you’re an apple shape you’ll have a full bust, a round tummy and lovely legs, so it’s best to choose body shaper that flatters your cleavage and adds more definition to your waist. Find shapewear that targets your waist and the upper half of your body. We recommend:

Tummy Control Panties and Shorts: Tummy control, get rid of your muffin top and smooth your waist.

Slimming Camisole & Tank: Emphasize and smooth your waistline while providing a lift to your bust.

Pear Shape

If you’re a pear shape, you have wider hips and thighs, but usually have a small bust and waist. Many pear shapes have hips that measure wider than their shoulders. You’ll probably have a flat tummy too! Most of your curves are in the hips, butt and thighs. You don’t need so much sliming at the top or waist. Find shapewear for the lower half of your body. Our suggestions for you include:

Thigh Slimmer Shapewear: Flattering hip, smoothing the stomach and thighs.

High Waist Mid Thigh Shapewear: Keep you tucked in from midriff to mid-thigh, with this high-powered sculpting waist slimmer.

Rectangle or Banana Shape

A rectangle shape has a small chest and bottom with the little definition at the waist. The waist, hips, shoulders, and bust are usually slim and fairly equal in size. The aim is to create the illusion of curves by adding definition to your hips and bust. Focus on slimming your waist, to enhance your overall figure. Must-have items in your wardrobe include waist cinchers, cami shaper and butt lifter panties or shorts. Our suggestions for you include:

High Waisted Butt Lifter Panties: Get more volume in your rear while slimming your waist.

Best Shapewear for Tummy: Slim your waistline, smooth your back and create more curves by lifting your bust.

Hourglass or 8 Frame Shape

Beautifully curvy, the hourglass has a full bust, rounded hips and the waist is very narrow. You have curves that naturally balance: proportional bust and hips, with a slimmer waistline. A wide variety of shapewear will look good with your body type. You may enjoy the control you get from high waist shapewear shorts and panties, shaping slips and slimming bodysuits. 

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