1 Wear a comfortable, good fitting and supportive bra with no push up or padding. Do not measure over clothing.

2 Stand straight but relaxed with your feet slightly apart. Do not twist, slouch or extend  your torso. This will affect your measurements.

3 Use a tailoring measure tape; ensure it is snug without being too tight.

4 For more accurate measures ask a friend or use a full length mirror.



Measure around the fullest part of your bust, which is usually your nipples and around your back.


Measure all around the narrowest part of your waist below your rib cage. To find the narrowest part below your ribs, lean from side to side and place your finger where your torso is bending.


To locate where to meausre your hip, lift your leg when standing and feel with your finger where the bone articulates into the pelvis. It is close to the fullest part of your hip and the tape measure should go around the top of your bottom. Do not measure your high hip.


This is a verticle body measurement. Whilst standing measure straight down from your underbust to the same hip articulation point where the bone articulates into the pelvis. Ensure that your back is straight. You can also do this measurement when seated on a hard chair with a straight back and good double check the measurement. Measure straight down from your underbust to the same articulation point where the crease is at your lap. Compare your torso length with the Princess/ Bust seam length of your corset. If the corset Princess / Bust seam length is too long it may be uncomfortable when seated and you may need to choose a style suitable for a shorter torso. For a Overbust Corset the Bust seam length can give you an idea of how much bust coverage that you should get with a specific neckline. To help you can slect corsets that are more suitable for a short, regular or long torso from our dropdown menu.